Happy, warm and toasty!

Have you ever got up in the morning, walked into the bathroom to have a shower, only to feel the chill of the cold floor? Then having to stand shivering and miserable waiting for the water to warm up while your feet freeze. We all know how cold it can get here during winter in Bendigo. Well, that was a feeling that one of our local customers decided that he didn’t want to have anymore.

It was only when he started looking at redesigning his bathroom that someone gave him a great idea. What if when he got up he could walk into a nice warm bathroom. When he walked in he could feel the warm tiles caressing his feet as he waits for the water to warm. Sounds cosy, doesn’t it.

The system we installed had heated floor tiles giving the luxury of warmth underfoot. The heat is evenly distributed, as it rises from the floor, providing a comfortable warmth that is in the right place to heat the room. The difference between this system and conventional heaters is that you don’t get that blast of heat that often goes straight up to the ceiling and is wasted.
It also has a fully programmable on and off system that allows you turn them on and off when needed automatically. Thus, keeping the energy costs to a minimum.

With floor heating, the whole floor area is heated so you get a nice even distribution throughout the entire space – no one single source of heat. The other great bonus is there is no visible source – nothing ugly in his renovated bathroom. It’s also safe as there is no naked flame or point of contact with extreme heat.

So, as a part of the renovation, he added a simple system that not only warmed his feet but had handrails that made the towels warm as he dried himself. Just like a fancy hotel. We are glad to say that he is now happy, warm and toasty!