Click Control Systems understand the importance of having a solar system working to its best capacity. To do this we have a provide a full solar power service and repairs service. We have dedicated service technicians that are ready to come to you and fix any issue that may be happening. It doesn’t matter if you purchased the system from us or not. We are here to help. We’re committed to solving any problems you may be experiencing with your solar panels or inverter.

We will get to you in no time with a quality solar power system repairs because we want you to keep enjoying the full potential of solar energy.

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Your quality components

Click Control Systems has a policy of using the best quality equipment from our Manufacturers with a track record for quality, performance & reliability.

We select from only the best manufacturers who provide a high level of support for their products. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your investment is backed up right here in Australia by the manufacturer.

Your solar panels

Solar Panels are the primary building block of a Solar Power System. They make up the largest component of the total cost and are the primary source of the performance of your System.

When considering a Commercial Solar solution for your home, don’t make the mistake of thinking that all Solar Modules are created equal. In fact, there is a significant difference in the quality, reliability, and durability in Solar Panels on the Australian Market. Click Control Systems only use “Tier 1” brand named Solar Manufacturers.

Your inverter

The Solar Inverter is the heart of any Solar System. It is a sophisticated piece of Electronic equipment which is responsible for converting the free energy from the sun via the Solar Panels into usable energy for your home. There are many Solar Inverter Manufactures in the market but only a very limited number stand out.


We have applied our 40 years of experience from the electrical and general construction industries to provide excellence in solar development and construction services.

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