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19.5kW grid interactive Solar System Gisborne

Solar System Gisborne

Click Control Systems are well known as a popular Solar installer in the Gisborne area. In fact we have recently completed the installation of an interactive solar system in Gisborne South. The 19.5kW system consists of 3 ABB PVI6000 inverters and 75 Trina TSM-PD05-260 (260W each) modules (solar panels).


Solar energy is a sustainable and an indefinitely renewable resource. This resource can be used in the generation and storing of electricity. The Solar panels require low maintenance when installed and optimized correctly. They are extremely reliable and the because they do not require any type of mechanical parts that can possibly fail. That’s why solar panels are considered a clean and silent producer of energy which is beneficial to all.

Here are some more pictures of the installation of the solar system Gisborne

Solar power systems develop clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels on your home assists to combat greenhouse gas emissions. This decreases our overall dependence on fossil fuels. Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal. When these fossil fuels are burned to produce electricity, they release damaging gases. these gases are primarily the cause of global warming and air pollution. Not only are fossil fuels detrimental for the environment, they’re a finite resource.  Limited availability of these fossil fuels creates an unpredictable market in which electricity prices can spike in a short period of time.

Whether you are looking to save on energy costs or just trying to have a more efficient home a solar system is a perfect choice. By using the sun’s free energy, a solar system can give you many advantages including reducing energy bills and reducing your greenhouse emissions.
Click Control Systems have an in-house Clean Energy Council Accredited team of Commercial Solar designers and installers with over 15 years’ Experience in the renewable energy field.