Home and Commercial Automation Systems

Click Control Systems can design and install your Innovative Control Solutions for your Residential or Commercial environments.

You’ll love coming home to your smart home. By calling ahead on your mobile and selecting the ‘Welcome Home’ mode. Your Automation System will create the perfect environment to come home to by turning on the lights, air-conditioning and playing your favourite CD.

Our Automation System is a microprocessor based wiring system to control lighting and other electrical services.
From ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit to analogue type control, such as dimming electronic fluorescent ballasts,

Residential Home Control

• Home entertainment – Integrated audiovisual, lighting control and other
electrical services.
• Security – Integrated security, lighting and other electrical services.
• Comfort – Dimming, scene setting, etc.
• Convenience – Multiple point control, central point control from touch screens,
time based control, automated ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Welcome Home’ scenes.
• Energy efficiency – Incorporation of light level sensors, occupancy control,
sensors and much more to assist your home to operate more efficiently.

Commercial Lighting Control

• Fluorescent lighting control for energy cost savings in high rise buildings.
• Integration with occupancy sensors and daylight level sensors, for energy
• High-bay control in warehouses for energy cost saving.

Mood lighting in restaurants and retail outlets

• Flexible and integrated control of lighting and audiovisual equipment in
Architectural lighting control for hotel foyers, ballrooms, art galleries and

Activate your Automation System from anywhere in the house, even via mobile phone or PC.
Your Automation System links all of the home’s electrical services and enables easy programmable control from anywhere in the house, even via a mobile phone or PC.
Another great option is “Wiser”. Allows you to operate your Automation System via your IPad or smart phone your phone can be used to operate as your home touch screen. For instance, upon leaving for work with one quick button press in the car activate the ‘Away’ mode. This automatically arms the security system and turns off air conditioning and any lights that remain on in the house.