At Click Control Systems we are often called in to fix issues that have gone wrong. It doesn’t matter if we didn’t install the original system we are still here to help.

We can help with:

  • Solar system maintenance
  • Solar inverter repairs
  • Solar system service
  • Service advice

Inverter Repairs and Warranty Claims

No matter where you purchased your solar power system, Click Control Systems will help any Solar PV owner with their inverter repairs or to assist you with your warranty claim.

If you have an urgent service matter, please call us directly on 1800 664 078.

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Why do I need my solar system serviced?

Over time things change and with that wear and tear. Your solar power system may be quiet, but it’s working hard every day to produce clean electricity for your home. The panels on your roof are often exposed to harsh weather conditions, while your inverter works hard to be in the middle of it all between the AC and DC electricity.

There’s no doubt that solar power systems are built to be tough and reliable, but just like running a car, regular servicing is the best way to ensure everything remains safe and efficient.

Click Control Systems recommends servicing your solar power system once a year. This will guarantee that your unit is producing as much renewable electricity as it should be.

Most importantly, regular solar power system servicing helps safeguard against any mechanical problems in the future, so that you can get the most out of your investment.

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