Why Click Control Systems is the right choice for your Off Grid Solar

Off Grid solar systems

Have a new property that is too far from the grid connection? or just need a more reliable solution to your energy needs? Click Control Systems are the specialist in designing, installing and maintaining off-grid energy systems.

Off-Grid Stand Alone Power System (SAPS)
An off-grid system is an energy system that is completely non-reliant on the electricity grid. It is often more complicated than a grid connected system as they use more components to compensate for the grid not being there. Because there is no grid, a backup energy supply (generally a generator) is needed so that you never run out of power. Also, it will require batteries so you can store the energy.

You may also need to add extra components like a wind turbine and generator with an auto-start mechanism. Talk to us about how we can advise you on the provision of correct facilities for housing the various electronic modules and for battery storage including the necessary ventilation and insulation.

We offer:

• Industry leading CEC Accredited PV System Designers
• Site Assessment & Design
• Custom Designed Solutions
• Construction & Project Management by CEC Accredited installers and Licensed Electricians
• Procurement & Logistics
• Ongoing Maintenance & Support
• System Monitoring
• Financial Modelling

Our Approach

At Click Control Systems we pride ourselves on being specialists in what we do. Our meticulous approach to your system installation makes us the right choice when making your solar decision. Our team of professionals and have the capabilities to see a project through from start to finish, no matter how big or small the job is.

Our Expertise

Click Control Systems have an in-house Clean Energy Council Accredited team of residential solar designers and installers with over 15 years’ Experience in the renewable energy field. No matter how big your system is we have the capabilities to design it specifically for your needs.

Quality components

Click Control Systems has a policy of using the best quality equipment from our Manufacturers with a track record for quality, performance & reliability.

We select from only the best manufacturers who provide a high level of support for their products. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your investment is backed up right here in Australia by the manufacturer.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are the primary building block of a Solar Power System. They make up the largest component of the total cost and are the primary source of the performance of your System.

When considering a Commercial Solar solution for your home, don’t make the mistake of thinking that all Solar Modules are created equal. In fact, there is a significant difference in the quality, reliability, and durability in Solar Panels on the Australian Market. Click Control Systems only use “Tier 1” brand named Solar Manufacturers.

The inverter

The Solar Inverter is the heart of any Solar System. It is a sophisticated piece of Electronic equipment which is responsible for converting the free energy from the sun via the Solar Panels into usable energy for your home. There are many Solar Inverter Manufactures in the market but only a very limited number stand out.

For more on our inverters click here



The two common types of batteries readily available are lead acid and lithium.

Lead acid batteries

Lead acid batteries are a proven technology that has been used in a range of industries for many years. They are typically a very safe battery that is available in a range of sizes and are very common in Off-grid solar power systems. They offer large storage capacity for a reasonable price as lead acid batteries are also considered to be one of the cheaper forms of battery technology. However, lead acid batteries do need to be well looked after to ensure the maximum amount of cycles (longest life) is possible.

Lithium Iron batteries

These batteries generally offer longer cycle life (longer battery life) than lead acid and are able to be quickly charged or discharged with minimal impact on the life of the battery. These batteries are also able to be discharged to near 0% state of charge without permanently damaging the battery, although generally manufacturers recommend only discharging to around 10% state of charge to get the longest life out of the batteries. These are the batteries that are being used in most of the new hybrid battery options coming to the market.


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