We spoke to Pam Warhurst about their Solar and batteries install Bendigo. 

Tell us about your system.

The System is Spread out on the Carport (6 Panels) with Raised Framing. Balance of the System is on the House. All Micro Inverters are underneath each panel.
We Installed 18 Enphase S270 Micro Inverters with 18 300Watt Trina Solar Panels. We later installed 2 Enphase 1.2KW Battery Packs.

We had it installed about 4 years ago. It was pretty exciting, and I remember that we would look at how much we produced in the system all the time. We don’t so much now as we know it just works. In fact, we had the solar panels cleaned 3 months ago so it is really producing a lot of energy.

Why did you go Solar?

We just wanted to do something to supplement our energy costs. I suppose we wanted cheaper power bills especially with the prices always going up. We paid one bill during the first 6 months, and we haven’t paid one since. And it has been 4 years now. We have also had LED globes installed in the house as well so that all helps.

Unfortunately, the electricity company will get most of the advantage as we are producing power for them and not getting much in return. When we started, we were receiving $0.17 cents per kW now it has gone down to $0.13 cents even though we have been with them for years. That’s loyalty I suppose.

So, what did you do?

Well, we had batteries installed. That was about 3 years ago now. Once you put the solar on it is in your control. If you put batteries with it, then it works so much better. With the solar charging the batteries and the house appliances we could use the batteries for power during the night.

Tell me about your batteries.

We got them from Click Control Systems and at first there was a problem with them, and they took them away and replaced them with no fuss. Now they never let us down.
We are not off-grid as that would have cost too much so we have a small set of batteries and drain them at night for you own use. We live in the main part of Bendigo, so we are on the grid. That gives us the opportunity to use both at any time. Our current bill is $900 in credit because it is the winter, and we are using more power. It is normally between $1000 – $1200 in credit. So, it is true when they say you can get rid of your power bills.

Why did you go for Click Control Systems?

Well, we had a few people in to quote us, but Click seemed more genuine. They talked about quality. The panels were more expensive than the other ones but Click Control Systems ensured us that they will produce more and last longer. We liked that idea, so we went with them. We had travelled around Australia with our caravan, and we had a solar panel to charge the batteries. They were BP panels, and we liked the quality. So, when Click Control Systems talked about quality, we knew we would go with them for that. As I mentioned they were installed about 4 years ago. There are 4 on the carport and the rest on the house roof. In fact, our neighbour has 34 panels, and they produce less than we do.

What were Click Control Systems like to deal with?

They we so professional. When they first came, they were efficient, there was no mess left they cleaned up everything after they did their work. Nothing was a problem to them. They were quick and took no breaks and just got the job done.
I would totally recommend them. that’s why when we enquired about batteries, we talked to no one else and went straight to them.

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