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Split System Heating & Cooling

Split System Heating & Cooling Bendigo

Split System Heating & Cooling Bendigo Split System Heating & Cooling Bendigo – Just Recently our boss Andrew arranged the installation of a new split system heating system for a good friend in South Melbourne suffering those cold wintery Melbourne mornings and wanted to do something about it. What we Installed? We Installed two 3.5KW Reverse Cycle Split Systems with external brackets. Installed in two locations throughout the property to ensure maximum heating and cooling. Our Experience People don’t often think of electricians when installing any sort of heating and cooling products in their property. They usually just approach a heating and cooling specialist. However, we play a more important role than you might think. Sometimes a customer does not think of things like how…

Hard-Wired Home Automated ‘Smart Homes’

Home Automation Bendigo

Hard-Wired Home Automated ‘Smart Homes’ Home Automation Bendigo – If you’re a homeowner and would like to experience the ‘Rolls Royce’ of smart homes? Then you may want to consider hardwiring a home automation system on your property. Depending on your needs or wants, you can get a home automated system to do just about anything these days. From opening your front door to set a timer for your sprinkler system while you are at work. Is Technology Changing? The technology for home automation is always evolving with the times and so is our knowledge of these updates. You can connect almost any home automated system to an application on your smartphone for remote usage. Or you can use the traditional ‘one touch’ intercom pad….

Solar Micro Inverter Installations Bendigo

Micro Inverter Success Story Solar Micro Inverter Installations Bendigo – More and more customers are choosing to install Micro Inverters rather than regular string inverters when installing a solar system. So the success stories just keep rolling in:

Solar Maintenance Bendigo

Solar Maintenance Bendigo Regular Maintenance of your Solar System will ensure it is running at its maximum efficiency. Having a Solar System is a great thing but do you want it running effectively? then the occasional simple checks and housekeeping can keep it running at full capacity. Why is Solar Maintenance Important? Similar to car maintenance. Therefore its crucial to the ongoing optimized performance of the system, you need to look after it. A typical solar maintenance check would consist of cleaning the panels and testing the inverter & isolators for performance, this should be done at least every 12 months. How do I know Everything is Working Properly? As the customer at the end of the maintenance check. You will be provided with a service…

Taking Control of Business Energy Costs

Once upon a time Business would chew through electricity like there was no tomorrow because the stuff was so cheap it did not matter. However, times have changed, and energy costs have increased by up to 60% and businesses are trying to find a way to take control and reduce these costs. How do these changes affect your Business A lot of small to medium business have faced “Bill shock” over the past 12 months. Increasing overheads and cutting profits. However, this is an overhead which can be controlled by a customized solar system slashing energy cost. What are your options? There are a lot of options available for commercial solar. These include grid interactive micro inverter installations along with standard simple string installations. You can…

Bathroom Heating Bendigo

Bathroom Heating Bendigo – Do you dread these frosty cold mornings knowing that you must get out of bed and into a freezing cold bathroom? Well, you can, live in comfort and warmth with a few small modifications in your bathroom such as heat lamps, floor heating, and a heated towel rail. We have been helping a lot of customers this winter, escape these cold mornings and they could not be happier with the results. What if I already have one? A lot of houses already have existing heat lamps, but you may find that they can be inefficient and power hungry, mostly due to age. So, by updating them the heat itself might be stronger along with potential electricity savings. Also, there are many varieties…

Security Installations For that Extra Piece of Mind

Security Installations Bendigo In Today’s times, you can never be too cautious. For that extra piece of mind, we have installed multiple security systems around homes and workplaces for our customers. This can be an effective deterrent of criminal activity just by having the system in place and can reduce liability. What Types of Systems are Available? Basic Security Systems in a home can be operated by a keypad at the entrance of the property or you can step up to a remote control on your car keys. People often think that these systems are difficult and costly to install. However, they are easy to install and can be up and be running after only one day. You can also be notified of a potential…

Garden Feature Installation Bendigo

Earlier this year we had a customer with an upcoming wedding, even though the wedding was not at their home. The mother of the bride wanted the house to look its best for photos. Planning the Perfect Setting The owner of the house had already engaged a landscape gardening company to install some instant turf and some new plants in the garden beds. She also decided that a new water feature and a garden light would finish off the project nicely. So Click Control Systems attended before the landscaper to install some power and control wiring for the garden light and the water feature. We then returned after the turf was laid to concrete a footing in for the garden light. And returning for a…

The Benefits of Good Lighting

Have you ever thought about what good lighting can do for you? It’s a subject that nobody thinks about but studies have shown that good lighting can contribute to good decision making and even have a positive impact on memory including Dementia. What Makes Lighting so Important? According to studies after oxygen, food and water lighting is an important aspect of improved mood, sleep patterns & memory. “To aid sleep, memory and for further other health reasons you need exposure to high levels of light, particularly in the morning,” says Associate Professor Colm Cunningham and director of HammondCare’s Dementia Centre. Lighting Mistakes to Avoid The use of small lights in large rooms: These cause shadows and do not shed correct lighting levels in the room….

Kitchen Renovations Bendigo

Kitchen Renovations Bendigo – Not long ago we spoke about how an electrician plays an important role in Bathroom Renovations; this is just as important when it comes to Kitchen Renovations. What to Consider? There are even more things to consider electrically when renovating a kitchen; such as electric wall ovens, hot plates, range hoods, extra or updated PowerPoints & even upgrading your switchboard. A lot of customers do not even consider their switchboard when planning a Kitchen Renovation. You need to consider the load that new wall oven or hot plates are going to have on your switchboard mains; this is a simple remedy during the planning stages if you take this into consideration. Home Safety Most homes being renovated are older, so it’s…

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