Split System Heating & Cooling Bendigo

Split System Heating & Cooling Bendigo – Just Recently our boss Andrew arranged the installation of a new split system heating system for a good friend in South Melbourne suffering those cold wintery Melbourne mornings and wanted to do something about it.

What we Installed?

We Installed two 3.5KW Reverse Cycle Split Systems with external brackets. Installed in two locations throughout the property to ensure maximum heating and cooling.

Our Experience

People don’t often think of electricians when installing any sort of heating and cooling products in their property. They usually just approach a heating and cooling specialist. However, we play a more important role than you might think.

Sometimes a customer does not think of things like how much power these new items will draw. And if your current switchboard is capable or safe enough to handle this extra load.  But by looking into this early it can avoid unwanted problems down the track.

Click Control Systems have been installing split system heating & cooling units for over 15 years now and are vastly experienced in this area.

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