Is your switchboard in need of an upgrade?

We recently were called in to do the electrical works for a kitchen renovation. As our qualified electrician first arrived on site he looked at the switchboard and noticed that something wasn’t right. It was an older house and the electrics were now very outdated.

Electrical Industry Experience

Being in the industry for many years he knew the dangers that this may cause. The fuses were all outdated and thus posed a danger for things going wrong such as causing a fire as there is no mechanism to stop any kind of reliable fault detection (provides overload protection).

We informed the customer of this and they agreed that we needed to upgrade the switchboard before we went any further. So, we went ahead with an upgrade of the fuses with modern circuit breakers and safety switches, thus reducing the chances of a house fire and protecting their family as well as ensuring that you are covered by House Insurance.

Time to replace old electrical wiring

I suppose the moral of this story is that sometimes we only do things when they are needed (for example having a renovated kitchen). But what happens when there is no situation that triggers this? Are your electrics safe? Sometimes it just pays to have them checked. Sometimes the best insurance is to ask the question is my home safe?

For more on Switchboard safety watch this video