Earlier this year a well-known Air-Conditioning Installation Company approached Click to assist them with an install. They were installing a split system air conditioner at a residential house in Bendigo and required a new sub circuit from the switchboard to run the system along with the control wiring.

How Split System Air Conditioners work

Split systems come in a range of shapes and sizes. The most commonly installed & recognised type of Split Systems are the Wall Mounted units (fan coils aka evaporators). These are commonly used or seen in apartments and or houses in single rooms due to the fact that only 2 parts are required to be installed (in comparison to an Evaporative Cooler where you need to place duct & vents throughout your whole house).

Why do you need a new Circuit?

Without a new circuit in the switchboard for your new split system A/C your existing circuits may become overload. This results in the nuisance of tripping or loss of power to the entire house. Therefore this is a crucial step when thinking of installing a new air conditioner.

Completing the Job

We attended on the same day as the Air-Conditioning Company. Wiring the split system to a new circuit so the customer could enjoy the lovely cool air. While comfortable in the knowledge that there new AC was installed safely and correctly.