Smart Home Barooga. Earlier this year a family in Barooga who were building their brand new dream house realized that they wanted a smart home with all the bells and whistles. So they asked their local electrician who they would recommend for Home Automation and Programming. Without hesitation, they suggested Click Control Systems

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is the use of one or more mediums to control the electrical functions and features of the home. This can be done automatically and sometimes even remotely. You can control such things as lights, heating, and air conditioning. As well as things like security, curtains, blinds and even your front door all at the touch of a button.

Organising the Logistics

The challenge for us was that Barooga was three hours away from our factory in Bendigo. Click Control Systems love challenges and did not see this as a burden. We worked in with the local electrician to coordinate them to do the bulk of the wiring. We then traveled staying in Barooga overnight ready to install the control systems hardware.

How do you install a Home Automation System?

It was a huge project which took 5 full working days. We needed to install the CBUS relays and dimmers along with key input switches and data points. We then programmed them into the

Customer’s Clipsal CBUS wiser unit.

What is a Clipsal CBUS Wiser Unit?

A Clipsal CBUS Wiser Unit allows the home owner to control their whole house on their smart phone or tablet via an application anywhere in the world.

Who can I talk to if I want a Smart Home?

Our company Director Andrew Morrall is one of the most experienced and popular home automation installers in the Central Victoria area. With his expertise, we can create a smart home to suit anyone’s needs.

The system is now up and running and can be officially branded a “smart home”.