What is an off-grid power system?

Off Grid Solar Power systems are designed to allow you to live without connecting to the grid, or having to sacrifice any of the modern day comforts you may be used to living with.

Benefits of an off-grid power system

When you are living in a remote or rural area of Australia where mains electricity isn’t available or it is not financially viable to get connected to the grid, then off-grid solar systems are a good option.

Just recently Click Control Systems installed a Stand Alone Power System for a customer in Lockwood. Our customer was looking for a reliable and effective system that would be best suited to their personal usage needs.

Figuring out what system is best

We can customise a system by studying the customer’s average power usage per day by conducting a load assessment. So we came to the conclusion that they would need a system that would supply an average daily load of around 10kWh. We also included GEL batteries and an auto-start generator. Then planned with the customer to ensure the system met all needs and was within their budget.

Doing the Install

Once we received the go-ahead from the customer we ordered the equipment from our supplier and arranged shipment immediately. As soon as the equipment arrived we installed the system at the customer’s property, it was a seamless process.

Now that the installation was complete, we then arranged an inspection by the local electrical inspector to ensure that the system was safe. Once the inspection had taken place and signed off we then lodged the solar rebate paperwork. Finally, we conducted a full and comprehensive training & induction session with our customer.