Generator Installation Bendigo – Some customers who rely heavily on electricity have approached us asking about how to avoid the impact of power outages. This was the case for a local rural bush nursing center. They required backup power primarily in the case of a code red bushfire days.

How can we help?

Click Control Systems have already completed the Solar System for the nursing center, which they were pleased with. So again they engaged Click Control Systems for some options on how to achieve backup power, we created an estimate. Therefore they decided on a 20kVA single phase diesel powered “super silent” generator with an enclosed canopy.

How did we install the Generator?

Due to the sheer size of the generator, a crane was arranged by a local contractor to install onto the specified slab position in the yard. We then connected the generator to the mains, so that in the event of a power outage the center will continue to be fully powered. Giving peace of mind to our customer.

Does it need to be a specific type of Generator

No! Click Control Systems are happy to help you with any type of Generator you may require either commercially or domestically. So if you are considering backup power with a generator then we are able to assist in making this possible.