Keeping our Cool

Evaporative Cooling Bendigo – Late last year we had a customer whose evaporative air-conditioner broke down when it was needed the most. So he called Click Control Systems, we sent a Qualified Electrician to site and identify what the problem was and how we can get the Evaporative Cooler back up and running as quickly as possible.

What is an Evaporative Cooler?

An Evaporative Cooler sometimes referred to as a swampy. It cools the air in your house through the evaporation of water.  Hot and dry outside air is drawn through water-soaked pads. the air then comes through the pads, the water is evaporated and the heat in the air is absorbed, which lowers the air temperature. A fan then pushes the cool air through the ducting system into the house.

Keeping the Ball Rolling

Our Electrician worked out that he needed a replacement control board. So without delay, he organised a replacement with our supplier. Then re-assured our customer that as soon as the part arrives, we will install the control board.

Keeping our Customer Cool

The day the new control board arrived our electrician returned to the site. Installed the part and tested the system, cooling down our customer keeping him happy.