Electrical Hot Water System Bendigo – Have you ever got up on a cold morning to start your day? Only to realise that your hot water has stopped working, dreading having to take a cold shower? When this happens you should call Click Control Systems.

What is an Electrical Hot Water System?

An electric hot water system uses electricity to heat your water via an element for heating and thermostat for temperature control. Generally, this happens overnight.


What does the electrician do?

Click Control Systems conduct repairs, maintenance and new installations on all types of Electric Hot Water Systems. Even sometimes working in with the plumber. The most common problems we face are either a faulty thermostat or element.

Once the problem is identified as either an element, thermostat or both, the replacement items can be installed in around 30-60 minutes and you should have hot water within a couple of hours.


How quick can we get your system back up and running?

We understand that hot water is a vital day-to-day requirement that is heavily relied upon, in these cases, we endeavor to make them a priority. We generally have our customers’ hot water flowing again on the same day.

So if one day this happens to your electric hot water system or if you are thinking of installing a new system from scratch; give Click Control Systems a call and we can get your hot water flowing again with no fuss.