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Electrical Factory renovations Bendigo

At Click Control systems we like to think that we can handle any project. So, when Anthony Medhurst – Branch Manager Metal Corp, Bendigo approached us to help them with their factory efficiency program we said no worries.

What they needed to do was relocate a cut-off saw so they can create a more effective workflow. Sounds simple enough but to do this we had to install a 3-phase outlet in the middle of the factory floor. This meant that we had to build a steel post where the outlet had to go. Not such a simple job when you think of the coordination and planning that had to be done to ensure minimum impact on the organization.

Electrical Factory renovations

Firstly, a trench was cut in the concrete to allow for the installation of the 3-phase cable from the switchboard through the factory. This trench then had to be re-laid with concrete to secure the cabling and then attached to a 3-phase power point and safety switch.

Factory Renovations Electrical Bendigo

The saw was then moved to the new location which had been identified as the most efficient position for better productivity. The whole job took about 1 week to complete.


Here’s the thing. They still had to continue their production as we all know business never stops. This is where our flexibility and need to do things right came into operation. We did it all outside of normal working hours which ensured that Metal Corp could continue their day to day business without interruption.  It felt great to help them do what they do best in a more efficient way. But I suppose the proof is not what we say it is what our customer says.

“Click control have done significant upgrades to our warehouse from our 6 monthly Test & Tag in our sales office & warehouse to the more intricate re-allocating of the 3-phase power for our saw’” said Anthony Medhurst Branch Manager Metal Corp Bendigo. “They have been nothing short of precise, accommodating to my needs, courteous and always meet (met) my required deadlines”.

Now that’s a job done right!