Domestic Solar Bendigo – Are you looking for ways to avoid large energy bills? Why not take advantage of the sun and install a grid-connected solar power system for your property. Click Control Systems are highly regarded installers within the central Victorian area with hundreds of satisfied customers.

How does a Grid Connected Solar System work?

People seem to think that Solar Systems are very complex and hard to understand, but when broken down its actually quite simple:

  • When the sun shines on your solar panels it generates DC electricity
  • The DC electricity created by the solar panels is fed to your inverter
  • The Inverter converts this DC electricity to AC electricity
  • The AC Electricity is sent out to your house switchboard to be used throughout your home

What if I don’t use all of the AC power from the inverter?

This is the good part! If there is a surplus of AC power that has not been used in your house then it actually gets fed back into the grid for other people to use and your energy retailer will issue you with credits on your next bill for this.

What size system will I need?

There is no one size fits all system; it depends on how much power you are using day to day at the moment. If you drop into our office with a recent electricity bill one of our solar installers will be able to identify what size system would be suit you personally.

Are there rebates available

Yes, there are still rebates available but they are slowly dropping each year that passes. Click Control Systems can handle all of the paperwork and will even deduct the rebate from your final invoice so you only need to deal with us.

Click Control Systems highly skilled solar installers pride themselves on workmanship and customer satisfaction.  And our after sales service is second to none.