Why Should I Regularly Test & Tag?

Test & Tag – Electricity has the potential to seriously injure or cause death. Damaged/Faulty electrical tools, equipment, and wiring can put employees at risk of electrocution, electrical shock or injuries from a fire. It is essential to prevent accidents happening! So that’s why you will need to Have portable electrical equipment, portable electrical tools and extension cords tested and tagged by Click Control Systems!

How often do I need items Tested & Tagged?

The frequency of inspection will depend on the environment of the workplace. On average it is six to 12 months. This may be more often in the construction industry (every three months).

Is it a Government Requirement?

Yes, It is a Government Requirement to make sure that your business is being regularly tested and tagged by an approved electrician. Therefore it is very important to maintain the safety of your workplace and its employees

Why use Click Control Systems?

It’s also a quick and simple process for peace of mind and we can arrange a booking with any workplace in the Bendigo region.