Solar System Maintenance Special Offer 20% off!

What’s Included

  • Thoroughly inspect all electrical components
  • Perform comprehensive performance tests
  • Remove debris and secure cables as needed
  • Inspect and clean panel surfaces meticulously
  • Deliver a detailed written report on your system’s condition
  • Enjoy a 5-year installation guarantee


What to Expect

At Click Control Systems we are often called in to fix issues that have gone wrong. It doesn’t matter if we didn’t install the original system we are still here to help.

Solar system maintenance
Solar inverter repairs
Solar system service
Service advice

Please Hurry as this offer can only last until the 31st of March 2024!

Book your Maintenance

If you want to take up this offer of to have your Solar System Serviced Please contact us of the following.

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Is your solar system safe? 

Energy Safe Victoria and Solar Victoria have launched the ‘Show Your Solar Some Love’ campaign to highlight the benefits of well-maintained solar PV systems while avoiding safety risks such as fire.
In the 2022-2023 financial year, Energy Safe investigated 53 fires related to rooftop solar. This follows 28 fires being investigated in the previous year by the regulator. These fires could have been prevented if the solar PV systems had been serviced.

Solar Victoria CEO Stan Krpan PSM FAICD said it was important for homeowners to set up a maintenance plan with their solar retailer to ensure their system was operating properly, safely and efficiently.

If you suspect your system needs attention, reach out to us today. We’ll ensure it runs efficiently and, most importantly, safely! Contact Click Control on 1800 664 078 to book your Solar maintenance