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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Hybrid

At Click Control Systems we understand that there may be questions you want to be answered especially about Solar Hybrid power in Bendigo, Gisborne Castlemaine, and surrounding areas. So, we have compiled a list of questions and answers that we often get from the public.

What is a Solar Hybrid power system??

A Solar Hybrid system is a Solar Power system that has the capability to produce energy and store it for use at a later period. It combines several elements (Solar, Batteries and the Grid) to produce an energy system to power your home. Most hybrid systems will also have an Energy Management system that balances battery levels, household power usage and grid back up without any input from the home owner.

So how does a Solar Hybrid System work??

It works very similar to a grid tie solar system however with the addition of batteries it gives you more control over what you can do with your power. It works like this, as you make energy from the solar panels the new components, (inverter-charger and batteries) allow you to either store the energy in the batteries, use the energy for your appliances in the home or feed the energy into the grid.

What is energy storage??

When we say “store the energy” we mean that the energy produced from the solar panels is used to charge the batteries so that they are ready to be used whenever they are needed. We call it storage because the batteries if fully charged can be called upon at any time to power your home appliances. Thus we say we are storing the solar energy.

What is an off-grid system??

An off-grid system is an energy system that is completely non-reliant on the electricity grid. It is often more complicated than a grid connected Solar Hybrid system as they use more components to compensate for the grid not being there. Because there is no grid, a backup energy supply (generally a generator) is needed so that you never run out of power. Also, it will generally require more batteries so you can store more energy.

What is the difference between a Solar Hybrid System and an Off-grid system??

A Hybrid System will normally remain connected to the grid for additional energy supply, where an off-grid system is completely shut off from the grid. Another difference is the components needed for the off-grid system are more comprehensive and will generally cost more to set up because there is no reliance on the grid.

What are the components of a Solar Hybrid system??

Solar Hybrid systems need the following:

  • Solar panels to draw the energy from the sun.
  • An inverter to convert the DC energy to AC energy for your home to utilise.
  • A battery bank to store power for later use.
  • A battery management system. This device autonomously manages your power system, delivering power required to your home, keeping the batteries with ample charge primarily with solar power and secondly with grid power at non-peak times. This is a specific battery inverter/charger to use the energy from the batteries and recharge them.
  • A monitoring system. This works with the management system to coordinate supply and storage of power for your individual home needs.
Why a hybrid system??

Hybrid systems are the best of both worlds. You get the guaranteed (well, 99.9% of the time) electricity supply of the grid, with the ability to store your excess solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining. You can also switch over to your own battery reserves if the grid goes down. Grid connected solar hybrid systems are also much cheaper than an off-grid system and don’t require diesel generator backup. They’re still more expensive than a purely on-grid system, but the benefits of those batteries are persuading an increasing number of people to pay the premium.

Do I still need to use the grid if I have a Solar Hybrid system??

Yes, particularly during prolonged periods of poor weather. A Hybrid solar system couples energy storage capability whilst still being connected to the grid as a backup, so power produced through the day can be used during the peak evening period. Whilst this enables people who are not at home through the day to benefit from solar power, it does not mean you will be completely independent of the grid.