Exit Emergency Light Testing

Have you ever considered adding Exit and emergency light testing to your commercial safety program? Over the years, we have found that there are many benefits to this procedure.

Testing can effectively detect faults in workplace lighting ensuring compliance with Australian Industry Standards. It also offers employers and business owners peace of mind if an emergency were to occur. By providing employees a safe workplace and helps employers to comply with Occupational Health and Safety laws and requirements.

We have had many instances where we have gone on site and found out that there were small faults within the within the emergency lighting system. These faults are easily rectified once detected. As you can imagine in the case on an emergency it could be catastrophic. Sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry!

Australian Standards 2293.2

Click Control Systems provides services for exit and emergency light tests and maintenance as to Australian Standards 2293.2. These standards require all buildings with exit and emergency lighting to be tested and certified every 6 months. These tests involve powering down (discharging) the emergency and exit lighting system for a period of 90 minutes. This is to determine the status of the lighting system. When status has been determined and recorded accordingly, action can be taken if it is required to do so.

Our fully qualified and experienced electricians specialise in the periodic inspection and testing of emergency exit lighting in businesses, schools and commercial sites. Thus ensuring Duty of Care and OH&S obligations. Not only will you comply with exit emergency light regulations, but you will have greater peace of mind in knowing that your emergency exit lighting is fully operative and will not let you down in an emergency.

Does your organisation need Exit & Emergency Light Testing? Click Control Systems can test your lights to ensure they are still meeting current requirements, call now on 1800 664 078.