Keeping the lights programmed, ready and running

Aquamoves Shepparton is an activity centre designed for fun and fitness, it has an indoor and outdoor pool and a full range of fitness facilities and programs. Ten years ago, Click Control Systems designed and installed a fully automatic Cbus electrical lighting system. This system gives the centre control over their indoor pool’s lighting. This pool has a mixture of natural light from skylights for during the day and banks of flood lights for the night.

10 Years

As a natural consequence of time (10 years) the system started to become affected by the high humidity and chemical filled atmosphere of a large indoor public pool. The original sensors started to become erratic that is switching on when not required. This not only started to become an annoyance but it was also starting to use more electricity than planned due to the lights coming on when not needed.

That’s when we came in. The local maintenance electrician called Click Control Systems to come out and see what the problem was. When we assessed the situation, we realised that, due to the age of the sensors the direct equivalent replacements were no longer available. Lucky enough we have been dealing with Cbus systems for many years and were able to install an updated model. This entailed a total reprogramming of the system with the updated software.

The Centre had to be open

The other issue was the running of the centre had to continue so as not to disrupt the public’s enjoyment and activities. Which is just as well because the lighting levels need to be perfect before programming. That is night had to be night. Thus, all the work had to be done outside of normal business hours.

Once again it was our desire to keep the customer happy. So, a trip to Shepparton between 9PM and 12AM at night was required to program test and ensure the sensors were working correctly. On a side note Andrew, our company Director did the work himself and arrived back in Bendigo at 3AM. Believe it or not he was up for his daily jog at 6AM.