What to think of when Renovating your Bathroom

You may think that an electrician is not an important trade when renovating your bathroom; you would be surprised to know that we play an important role. There are a number of things to think of when renovating your bathroom. Such as adding more PowerPoints, improving your lighting, adding heat lamps or floor heating, better exhaust fans or even vanity strip lighting.

Just recently one of the Bathroom Renovation companies we do work for wanted their client’s bathroom to have a wow factor. So we worked in with the renovation company to build a dream bathroom for the client.

We installed additional PowerPoints for all of those grooming items. A new and improved ceiling heat lamp unit along with a stronger exhaust fan. And to top it all off we installed hidden strip lighting around the vanity mirror for that added touch of class.

So just remember you may not think of electricians when organising a bathroom renovation but we can be just as important as the tapware when it comes to renovating your dream bathroom.