What happens when your machine breaks down?

Electricity is an important part of our life especially when it comes to running a business. If you have machines that you rely on for production what happens when it breaks down?

This recently happened to a popular Bakery at the Bendigo Marketplace. When they went to turn their dough machine on it shut down immediately. What was happening was that every time they switched the machine on the safety switch at the switchboard shut down. This is common when something is wrong with an electrical appliance. The owners of the bakery were totally stumped as to how to fix it.

Production stops

The day’s produce would suffer because of the machine not working. Their production stopped and therefore so did the day’s profits. This is not good for a small business.

Now the other issue is that we all know that Bakers start their day before everyone else does to have the bread ready for the opening time and the morning rush. Who is around to help at that time in the morning?

The early morning emergency call

This is where Click Control Systems came in, they called us around 5.30 in the morning frantically pleading for help. Asking could we possibly come out to the shop at such a ridiculously early hour. They needed to get their business running to full capacity again.

Well, yes, we can, and did. When we arrived, we checked the switchboard to see what was going wrong. This is because generally when something is wrong with an electrical appliance the safety switch at the switchboard will shut down. This is like what you have in your home and it is for your protection. In fact, to understand here is a video that explains how to check any faults in a safe way. Click this link to view the video

On further investigation, we found out that the machine ran on 3 heating elements and one of them was faulty. Therefore, whenever they turned the machine on the switchboard automatically shut the circuit down to ensure safety. We disconnected the faulty element and the started machine using the remaining elements. We came back later in the day and replaced the faulty element with a new one.

The production wasn’t at its maximum but it meant the bread could still be made. It is such a good feeling to see a business owner’s face change from frustration to relief. It’s why we do it.

We are happy to report that the machine is again working and the Bakery is operating at its full potential once more.