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Solar Maintenance Bendigo

Solar Maintenance Bendigo Regular Maintenance of your Solar System will ensure it is running at its maximum efficiency. Having a Solar System is a great thing but do you want it running effectively? then┬áthe occasional simple checks and housekeeping can keep it running at full capacity. Why is Solar Maintenance Important? Similar to car maintenance….

Taking Control of Business Energy Costs

Once upon a time Business would chew through electricity like there was no tomorrow because the stuff was so cheap it did not matter. However, times have changed, and energy costs have increased by up to 60% and businesses are trying to find a way to take control and reduce these costs. How do these…

Bathroom Heating Bendigo

Bathroom Heating Bendigo – Do you dread these frosty cold mornings knowing that you must get out of bed and into a freezing cold bathroom? Well, you can, live in comfort and warmth with a few small modifications in your bathroom such as heat lamps, floor heating, and a heated towel rail. We have been…