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Another Off-Grid Power System

of-grid-selectronic-ABB inverter
Off grid power system Click Control Systems have installed yet another Off-Grid Power System. We are considered one of the best quality off-grid installers in the Bendigo and surrounding areas. Our off-grid installers take meticulous effort into making sure that everything is set up right. Our goal is always to design a system that never...

Smart Homes Bendigo

Smart Home installations Bendigo Click Control systems are considered one of the best Smart Home installations companies in the Bendigo and surrounding area. Just commenced a brand-new house in the Bendigo area, which will have a fully controlled lighting Automation System. Home automation or smart home is the residential extension of building automation. It involves...

6.5KW Grid connect Solar System

6.5KW Grid connect Solar System
6.5KW Grid connect Solar System Maldon This solar system was designed specifically around the needs of our customer. Their new solar installation allows them to save on electricity bills by using the sun’s natural energy to power their appliances. The system is a 6.5KW Grid Interactive Solar System using high-quality products such as: the Austrian...

Off grid inverters

Off grid inverters Off grid power systems are autonomous and do not rely on the electricity grid. A true off-grid system is able to operate completely independently of all traditional public utility services. As the inverter if one of the most important elements of the system it needs to be of the best quality. We...